Our email accounts usually have a maximum storage size and as an employee, to maintain your Mail box size below the allocated quota, you need to remove your email messages regularly when your mailbox begins to fill up. Instead of deleting these emails, user can save these emails into an archive servers. In other words, user can archive these emails, so that he can go back to them as and when required in the future. Archiving is like moving messages into a filing cabinet instead of putting them in the trash can.

Zimbra solution moves your Emails to the Archive Server automatically based on the defined Retention Policy. End users can login to the Archive Server using a link (with same username and password which he uses for his mail server) to access his old emails.

Zimbra’snative high-performance archiving engine ensures that emails are archived and indexed in real-time. The unsurpassed performance allows the archive to be used live by end-users to retrieve old, deleted, or difficult to find emails from a web-based interface and export or redeliver to their
mailboxes. Highly efficient full-text indexing and compression algorithms ensure that the most scalable and high performance email archive is generated automatically.

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