MailStack is an idea with a special focus evolved from the need of any organization to communicate peacefully for their internal and external transactions/operations with a software solution which is reliable, competitive, collaborative and cost effective by using freely available tools.

The solution to address all the modern needs facilitating a unified communication platform for Desktops, Laptops or Mobiles.

With MailStack, an organization can find a solution to either completely migrate their proprietary email service to open source or prefer to co-exist (with the same domain) with them by adding an open source based email service for all the users who currently are not privileged with an Email ID which is a corporate identity to transact with the external world.

It doesn’t end just with the communication or collaboration but also addresses the Fail over, Backup or Archival solutions for an email service, providing full peace of mind for IT Stake holders to take care of any unanticipated eventualities.

Our focus continues to be expanding the horizons in serving our customers meet with their needs for communication or collaboration using free or community contributed software.

Go Open Source! Be free from License Fee, Virus and haphazard Maintenance.

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