Partner with Mail Stack to provide incredible open source Email solutions for the customers. Share our passion for delivering proven open source solutions for corporate Emails, Archiving Email related data, mobile sync and disaster recovery/high availability that meet the critical need for protecting business data.

Mail Stack Partner Program is specifically designed to develop, grow and support your business. As our partner, you can take all our solutions to market in a way that fits your business and your clients’ needs because that’s the way we deliver them to our own customers.




Over the years we have developed wonderful technical expertise in open source tools / solutions esp concentrated in corporate Email solutions. We believe that the whole software world is moving towards open source Tools / Solutions and we don’t want to be left behind. In this is journey where there is lot of opportunity, we would like you to be part of it. We are looking for partners within India and outside India.

We will provide all the help that is required to get you started and present Mail Stack solutions to your clients / customers.

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